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In photography and optics, vignetting refers to a reduction in image brightness in the image periphery compared to the image center.

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Current version is 1.8, built 24-Feb-2012. This program is distributed as Freeware. This means that it is completely free for anybody to use without any limitations. The program may be freely distributed as long as it is distributed in the form of the original installer. 

   Version history:

   1.1 - initial release

   1.2 - Added TIFF (loading only) and BMP support.

   1.2.1 - Fixed bug that occured when image and mask depth were different

   1.3 - Added basic mask configuration options

   1.4 - Workaround to preserve JPEGs' EXIF information 

   1.4.1 - Bug fixed - BMP images saved by program were corrupted. 

   1.5 - Added possibility to rotate mask (in 90 steps). Minor bugfixes.

   1.6 - Images loaded in batch mode can be previewed. Major code cleanup.

   1.7 - Now displays EXIF info on loaded images (JPEG, TIFF).

   1.8 - Fixed 'Not enough storage' error while working with BIG images.



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